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The Language Training Co: Friendly teachers, meeting people and real progress!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I’m Alexandrine, I come from France, I am 21 years old and I stayed 4 months in Bournemouth! If I had to describe The Language Training Co in three phrases, I’d say friendly teachers, meeting new people and real progress.

I can confirm that my English has improved, I feel more confident to talk to anybody. The big difference between learning English in France and come here to learn it, it’s that I could practise speaking a lot with everybody at school. The atmosphere is fantastic to work, everyone is here with the same goal as you, nobody judges you and we feel confident. The staff is lovely, I had difficulties with some papers to be able to work and they helped me every time I had asked them.

Bournemouth is a pleasant town to live in. I’m sure that it must be better in summer, you’ll enjoy the beach more than me! If you want to eat a fish & chips you have to go to “Chez Fred”, it’s by far the best place!

I’ll come back at The Language Training Co with my little brother one summer to continue improving my English and enjoying the British beach!

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