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Transport in Bournemouth

Our students have done their research on transport options in Bournemouth, here's what they've found out:


This transport is the most popular in Bournemouth. You have the possibility to buy a one-way or return ticket, a day ticket, a weekly ticket, a monthly ticket or even a three-month ticket. You can buy it with cash, by card or on a bus application (Morebus) and you can have a paper ticket or a smartphone ticket, it’s your choice. It’s a safe way to travel and the last bus is late at night, at 1a.m. and start early in the morning, at 5a.m.


If you want to travel around the UK you can get a coach from Bournemouth station but you can’t get on it without a reservation. You can book a ticket from the website or on their application. There are different types of coach companies but we think that the National Express is the best company. Something important - there are toilets inside the bus if you’re doing some long travelling.


The trains in Bournemouth go every 30 minutes to the big cities around Bournemouth. It’s not the cheapest way but it’s more comfortable than the coaches. Trains have also two classes (first class and standard). They are quicker than the coaches and they also have some toilets. If you want to go to London, you can buy some drinks inside the train.


It’s not the most popular transport in Bournemouth but it’s maybe the healthiest. You can also hire them from the Beryl app. It’s not the cheapest but if you want to do a short journey it’s actually a good choice. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of cycling lanes in Bournemouth, we hope this will change!


You can fly from Bournemouth airport where there are two gates and approximately 6 flights per day. There are no differences from other airports.

Zoe, Hani & Meshari

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