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Our tailor-made courses

Our one-to-one programme gives you the opportunity to decide what it is that you want to learn. A thorough needs analysis will help you and your tutor decide how to best achieve your language learning goals and ensure your objectives and expectations are properly aligned.


All our one-to-one courses include:

  • Learning Needs Analysis - Identifying your language needs and learning style

  • Tailor-made Programme - Lessons are planned according to your needs and objectives

  • Continuous Assessment - Your development is constantly assessed so that no gaps are left behind

Course Options

Tailor's Tools

One to One

Private Tuition

  • Needs Analysis

  • Weekly Tutorial and Feedback

  • Tailor-made programme

  • Choose your own schedule

from £300

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One to One

Private Tuition + Group Lessons

  • Create your own course

  • Needs Analysis

  • Weekly tutorial and feedback

  • Tailor-made programme

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Choose your own schedule

from £165 per week

When can I start my course?

You can start your course any Monday as long as it is not a Bank Holiday here in England. If there is a Bank Holiday* on your first week, you will then start your course on a Tuesday. Our continuous assessment policy allows us to offer you a class that challenges your current English language proficiency 44 weeks a year. 

* Bank Holidays 2022 15 April (Good Friday), 18 April (Easter Monday), 02 May (Early Many bank holiday), 02 June (Spring bank holiday),  03 June (Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday), 29 August (Summer bank holiday).

**The school will be closed for the Christmas holidays from 17.12.2022  to 08.01.2023

Do I have the right level?

The first step is to do our online test. After that you will have a little chat with Tamara Leacy, our Director of Studies, and she will be able to tell you which of the levels above you should start from. If you are not ready yet, we will prepare a package for you to help you achieve the required level before you start your preparation course.


We offer both host family and residential accommodation to all our students.

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