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General English

All levels (A1 - C1)

Outside The Language Training Co

Our General English courses are designed to improve the language skills you need to communicate in all areas of your life: academic, professional, or just for fun. These courses are designed to the competency of your English at progressive levels by developing the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking without compromising on grammatical accuracy and vocabulary range.

We have a continuous assessment programme where you will be able to track how well you are progressing on a weekly basis and also be able to identify your weaknesses and develop self-study techniques with the help of your teacher.

Course Options



  • 20 lessons in General English

  • Levels A1 - C1

  • Teacher-Led Activities

  • 09.15 - 14.00 (Mondays)

  • 09.15 - 12.30 (Tuesday to Friday)

from £200 per week

fun in the classroom.jpg


  • 25 lessons in General English

  • 05 Skills-based Lessons

  • Levels A1 - C1

  • Teacher-Led Activities

  • 09.15 - 15.15 (Mondays)

  • 09.15 - 14.00 (Tuesday to Friday)

from £225 per week

Course Objectives

To help you improve your English language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and develop your range and accuracy of grammar and vocabulary. By the end of the course you should be able to communicate in English more confidently in different situations. Please refer to our levels for more information. 

Minimum Age: 16

Maximum Class Size: 16

Class Size: Average 11 students

Sample Timetables

Why English for Life?

  • You can choose the number of lessons and supplement them with our add-ons.

  • Thorough placement procedures that ensure students in a class are at the same learning stage.

  • Multi-national classes that promote communication between you and other students from all over the world.

  • Continuous assessment allows you to track your progress on a weekly basis and leave no gaps behind.

  • Personalised tutorials and feedback.

  • Guided homework and the development of self-study techniques.

  • Modern textbooks and course materials.

Reasons to be HAPPY!

When can I start my courses?

You can start your course any Monday as long as it is not a Bank Holiday here in England. If there is a Bank Holiday* on your first week, you will then start your course on a Tuesday. Our continuous assessment policy allows us to offer you a class that challenges your current English language proficiency 44 weeks a year. However, we do recommend A1 students to start their courses in the months of January, April, July or September.

* Bank Holidays 2022 15 April (Good Friday), 18 April (Easter Monday), 02 May (Early Many bank holiday), 02 June (Spring bank holiday),  03 June (Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday), 29 August (Summer bank holiday).

**The school will be closed for the Christmas holidays from 17.12.2022  to 08.01.2023


What are the levels?

We offer the following levels in our English for Life programme.









Upper Intermediate




How can I find my level?

The first step is to do our online test. After that you will have a little chat with Tamara Leacy, our Director of Studies, and she will be able to tell you which of the levels above you should start from.



We offer both host family and residential accommodation to all our students.

Welfare for 16 and 17 yrs

Students aged 16 or 17 coming to the UK will need to have a completed Parental Travel Consent
. There are two types of forms; you should complete the one most relevant to you.
For parents with children who are using The Language Training airport transfer service or ``being met
by a relative or friend of the family.
For parents with children who are making their own way to their accommodation (N.B. this is NOT

Consent form for under 16s + 16–17-year-olds
The parents/guardians of students aged 16 or 17 studying at LTC are asked to complete a parental
consent form for their child. This includes curfew times and we ask you to keep within our guidelines
when deciding these. This form must be sent at the time of booking, and a sample version is available
to download here. Please note – we cannot issue enrolment documents until we have received this

Safeguarding Policy
The Language Training has a thorough Safeguarding policy in place for the safeguarding of students
under 16s years of age studying with us at our school and in our home stays. Our Designated
Safeguarding Lead and other members of our Designated Safeguarding Team take their duty to protect
those under the age of 18 very seriously.

Welfare of All Students
We want all students to feel happy and comfortable while they are studying with us, this includes
when you are at the school, in accommodation, out and about in Bournemouth or on excursions.
If you are worried or not sure about anything at all, please speak to any of our staff members and they
will be happy to help, or refer you to someone who can help.
If you need advice about seeing a doctor dentist, or just need to know where the local gym is, please
ask any member of our Reception Team.

We encourage all our students to fully engage in the social programme for students 16+ on offer
to them. This will help you meet students who are not in your class and give you opportunity to explore
different interesting places in and around the local area.
Notes for Parents and Guardians of students aged 16-17 on Adult


This can be downloaded and viewed on the Parental Consent Form.
The Language Training Co does cater for students over the age of 18. Whilst we welcome students
aged 16 and 17, it should be understood that we do not provide 24- hour supervision. Students under
the age of 18 may study in classes with adults should this be selected at the time of booking.
If students are under 16s it is not possible to share classes with adults 18+ and instead a full package
including airport transfer, classes, accommodation, activities, trips and 24 hours supervision must be
purchased. This will maximize the safety of the students at all times in collaboration with parents,
school and homestay providers.

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