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How to keep safe on a day at the beach

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Our lovely student Dilfuza shares some important tips...

Everybody needs to take the necessary precautions before planning anything, this is of course very important. Let’s say you want to go to the beach at the weekend - you mustn’t forget certain things to take with you. I will share some ideas on how to protect ourselves from danger at the beach.

Everyone is excited about spending a day at the beach. They look forward to playing games, building sand castles and paddling in the sea. However, there are many dangers at the beach and it is important to stay safe. There will definitely be lifeguards on every beach, because they should keep an eye on the swimmers. Before swimming we should check all the guidance. Don’t forget to look at all the signs, there are flags for safe swimming areas. There is an international system for advising swimmers when and where it is safe to swim in the sea.

Similar to the lifeguards some beaches employ shark watchers. They watch the sea to identify when a shark is nearby and they raise the alarm. Shark attacks on swimmers and surfers are very rare. However, never swim far away alone. We also need to protect ourselves from the sun. Make sure you have got sun protection cream, otherwise your face and body may get sunburned. Take a parasol, in case you need it.

Regardless of the dangers, most people stay safe and have a fantastic time at the seaside and look forward to planning their next visit.

See you at the beach!

Dilfuza Nosirova

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