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The best charity event I have ever done

We asked our students to tell us about a memorable experience they've had. Here's what Marina shared with us:

How would you feel about helping people in need by doing what you enjoy the most? I can't imagine anything better! If you've never experienced this amazing feeling, I'm pretty sure that you´ll crave for it after you read this article.

I started running in a team when I was 6 years old, can you believe it? Yes, you might think that at that age children should spend their free afternoons playing with their friends and neighbours. I did that as well, however, two afternoons a week I had to train with my amazing team, who are my second family, even nowadays. Running was my first hobby and it will be the same for the rest of my life!

It wasn't until last year that I had the opportunity to take part in a charity event. Can you guess doing what? Running, you´re right! It's called Race for Life and its main goal is, with all the donations received, to help doctors and nurses to beat cancer as soon as possible. Isn't that amazing?

I managed to raise a considerable amount of money, so imagine how happy I was, but the funny thing popped up during the race. At the beginning I was full of energy and enthusiasm, but after my second km, the weather started to change: a strong wind and heavy rain were present! And I had 8 km left!

Even though it was a bit tough, more importantly, it was something that I enjoyed doing. If you haven't done anything like that, don´t miss the opportunity this year! I´ll do it again!

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