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My best friend…

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We asked our students to tell us about important people in their lives. Here's what Klaudia wrote:

My best friend's name is Claudia. She is Brazilian and she lives in Vienna. She was born on 12th February in Rio de Janeiro. Her father worked in the military and her mother is a housewife, and she lives now together with my friend in Vienna.

Claudi finished school in Brazil and after that she worked for a travel agency. She met her husband Wolfgang in her work and she fell feel in love. She went to Vienna after two years of a long-distance relationship and she got married to Wolfgang. She had learnt German at the beginning of her life in Vienna (now - she speaks Portuguese, English and German very well, and some Italian). She has worked very hard in Bristol Hotel for 20 years. The Bristol Hotel is one of from the famous hotels in Vienna and is located on Operring- this is the next to Vienna Opera House.

I met Claudi about 19 years ago. Her husband Wolfgang brought us together - I know Wolfgang from my work back then. It was funny because we are Claudia and Klaudia, both our husbands were named Wolfgang and we were pregnant at the same time.

We have had a lot of time together because we have had a lot of things that have joined us.

Romario - Claudi's son was born in August 2002, two months before my daughter was born.

We've had a lot of time together with our children - we founded a small group of young mothers and we visited each other with children every week in one of our houses.

Claudi's son and my daughter, Klara, were together in the crib. Unfortunately, it turned out

that Romario has very big problems and he needed special kindergarten and professional help. Claudia's life has changed a lot from this moment. She has done everything for her son, the best professional help, a lot of therapy and many professional people have helped her. Her marriage ended - they got separated two years after Romario was born. Her mother came from Brazil to help her. She moved house….and from this time she has forgotten herself - she has done everything only for Romario. She hasn't had too many friends, not much time for anything, she has gained 90 kg in this time. But she has been was very, very strong.

We've had a time where we didn't meet too much, but we knew we are there for each other when we need help or something else. Claudia has looked after herself for 5 years now. She has learnt to live with Romario's illness to live. She has begun to work for herself - with therapy and very, very strong will. She goes to the gym every day, she has discipline with her food, and she weighs now 52 kg - she is fit and healthy.

And although problems and concerns aren't smaller with Romario's life, she is strong like always! I don't know anybody like Claudi!!! Nobody with her strength, will, heart and eternal laughter in her face! And I hardly admire anyone like her! I´m very grateful for her - our friendship - it's a great lesson and an experience that will never stop. Not in my mind and my heart.

If you would like to join our family and make some new friends, have a look at our courses! See you soon! :)

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