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Going to work abroad: an exciting opportunity or a scary one?

What are your thoughts on working abroad? Here's another brilliant piece of writing from our lovely student Manassanan to help you decide.

So many people have always wanted to work abroad, especially in countries which have advanced economies. Nowadays, more and more people decide to leave their own countries in order to pursue their dreams.

There are plenty of advantages of working abroad. The main advantage is that you have an opportunity to adapt to unfamiliar situations, whether at work or in everyday life, which helps to enhance your skills and boost your ability to solve problems and difficulties in life.

Another advantage is that you feel more motivated because of the excitement of living and working in a new environment. Furthermore, not only can you earn a higher salary but you can also have a chance to meet foreign people, learn new languages, and explore different cultures that build up your communication skill.

On the other hand, some claim that working abroad can be a scary experience as it could be hazardous for your health. For example, you might get ill more easily when working in a place or weather that you're not familiar with. In addition, at the beginning you are highly likely to struggle with a communication problem as it’s a new language which you haven’t overcome yet.

Personally, I believe that going to work abroad is one of the best ways to enhance your CV, gain new qualifications and improve professional skills. Although at first it can be difficult to adapt to unfamiliar situations, when you’re adaptable with those environments you’ll realise it’s one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. I truly hope that one day I will get an opportunity to work abroad.

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