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CAE Writing Part 1: Essay

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The following essay was written by our wonderfully talented student Lea, who has since achieved a Pass with Grade B:

Men are creatures of consciousness; they are the only animal with the awareness of their inevitable death. As a result of that, human beings need to be distracted from that awareness, and what better way to be distracted than art?

Since the first man, we have found evidence of art in paintings or sculptures, and even today we have not finished to develop our understanding of art. It has always been needed to survive our cursed gift, be it through song and music, dancing, or painting.

Art allows us to escape from our lives when it becomes too real or too painful for the human mind to endure. Nowadays, the cinema and television shows are the most common uses of art as a diversion. Given that this is a lazy diversion - unlike reading, you do not have to make any effort – it easily became the people's favourite pastime. And it would seem that many programme makers have just one aim in mind: to keep you from thinking too much.

Furthermore, there has always been a human attraction to beauty as well as a constant search for perfection. There is a fascination with any form of beauty, ranging from paintings and sculptures to fashion, and an ability in the human eye to find beauty in a piece of art and to make that piece become art.

Nevertheless, the human need for escapism is the strongest meaning of art. In fact, the

beauty of art is a reinforcement of that theory. Escapism is what makes art endure throughout time and appeal to all.

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