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6 ways to use an English Dictionary

My favourite online dictionary is the Macmillan English Dictionary:

Here are 6 ways this dictionary can help you to learn vocabulary:

1. High-frequency (popular) words are given stars.

3-star words are the most common in English and therefore good to learn!

2. You can see the type of word: noun, verb, adjective, adverb etc.

This helps you to use the word correctly in a sentence.

3. You can hear the pronunciation of new words and see the phonemic script.

This helps you to understand and say the word. Listen and repeat as many times as you need to.

4. You can read a definition (explanation) of the word.

This helps you to understand the meaning.

5. You can see some example sentences using the word.

This helps you understand how to use the word in a sentence.

Try writing your own example sentences using new words.

6. You can see any words commonly used with your word (collocations).

This helps you to build sentences.

Try using an English dictionary to review new words from your classes this week!

Laura 😊

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