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We are here to help you and your child give themselves the best chance of success.

  • Each course is custom-made to fit individual needs – an individual study plan is created for each student

  • One-to-one or small group (up to 5) – designed to help the students feel comfortable to ask questions they might not ask in a large classroom

  • Continuous teacher feedback reports are provided to help you track your/your child’s progress

  • Sessions can be held in school or online – afternoon and evening courses available

  • All tutors hold QTS and are experienced specialists in their subject.

  • Our aim is to help each student achieve their potential, to build confidence and develop exam technique

Core Content


  • Structure and calculation (four operations)

  • fractions, decimals and percentages

  • measures and accuracy

Ratio and Proportions

  • Scale factors, diagrams and maps

  • Ratio notation

  • Working with percentages

  • Direct and inverse proportion

Probability and Statistics

  • Tables, grids and Venn diagrams

  • Interpreting and constructing tables, charts and diagrams

  • Applying statistics

  • Correlations


  • Use and interpretation of algebraic notation

  • Concepts and vocabulary of expressions, equations and formulae

  • Manipulation of algebraic expressions

  • Graphs

  • Solving equations and inequalities


  • Terms and notations

  • Mensuration and calculation

  • Pythagoras’ theorem

  • Trigonometric ratios

  • Vectors

Exam Skills

  • analysing and understanding exam questions

  • time management

  • critical thinking

Learning basic maths skills at GCSE level will help your child to build up essential skills such as problem solving, analysing data, communication, logical thinking and attention to detail. On top of that, a GCSE in Maths is a basic requirement for most employers and education institutes, so a good result will mean more options for employment and higher education. Our friendly, professional tutors are here to help your child develop their range of mathematical skills and techniques and build confidence in a patient and supportive environment.

Course Options

Studying on the Grass

Group Lessons

Course Length

6 weeks (9 hours)




4.00 - 5.00 pm

Lesson Duration

60 minutes

Course Dates

Every Week

Class Size

Max. 5 students

Age Group

14 - 16

*Lessons happen Monday to Friday. Your course days will depend on your level and/or preferences.

£117 (6 weeks)

Female Student

One to One

Course Length

Min. 10 hours


You decide


You decide

Lesson Duration

60 minutes

Course Dates

Every Week

Class Size

One student

Age Group

14 - 16

You can choose how many lessons you would like to study per week and when and where you would like to have them - in school, online or in the comfort of your home.

£350 (10 hours)

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